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  Started in June of 2008  
Dr. Leslie Baird, DVM  Leslie Baird, DVM: Dr. Baird graduated from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1990. She’s practiced in Texas, Arkansas, Florida and finally settled in Georgia. Dr. Baird owned another small practice in town for 5 years, sold it, and then decided to start Euharlee Animal Clinic in the spring of 2008. She has been practicing in Cartersville since 1997. Dr. Baird is a member of the Veterinary Information Network, a 24 hour online association of over 24,000 veterinarians and vet specialists from around the world. She is also a member of GVMA and AVMA. She is the proud owner of a giant boxer, one mutt (who is the smartest of the bunch) and 3 cats. She is mother to a son and daughter.

Cori McMichael, Practice Manager  Cori McMichael, Practice Manager: Cori graduated from Towson State University in 1997 with a BS degree in Biology. She worked as the Assistant Office Manager for the Humane Society of Cobb County for several years and moved to the Cartersville area in 1999. Cori has worked alongside Dr. Baird since 2000. Animal behavior and puppy obedience training has been a passion of hers for over 15 years. She is “mom” to her furry kids; 2 Chihuahuas, a lab mix and 3 cats. Cori and her husband (also a huge animal lover) are the proud parents of a little girl.

Laura, Veterinary Technician  Laura, Veterinary Technician: After living in Arizona for 10 years, Laura decided to leave the desert for greener scenery in Georgia. She was able to transfer her technician license to Georgia and moved to the Cartersville area in 2007. She has worked alongside Dr. Baird since then. She enjoys working with small animals, though giant breeds are her personal favorite. She and her husband are parents to: Dixie a Chihuahua (head of household), Rosie a Chihuahua, Daisy Mae a Chihuahua, Herbie a Chihuahua mix, Toby a Poodle, Molli, a long haired cat and Snoopi the giant cat with 23 toes! Laura has two sons and one grandchild.

Kat, Veterinary Technician  Kat, Veterinary Technician: Kat graduated from Berry College in 2001 with a BS in Animal Science. She became a registered veterinary technician in 2008. Kat had worked with Dr. Baird previously before joining the EAC team in 2009. Kat and her husband have a son and daughter along with a farm full of critters.

Tina, Veterinary Assistant  Tina, Veterinary Assistant: A native of Atlanta, Tina has been working in the veterinary industry since 1991. She has worked with large, small and exotic animals. Her “fur kids” include: Reba a Dobie, Charlie a Sheltie, Izzy a Pomeranian and Sara Boo a Chihuahua mix. Her cat Cooter Brown rules the roost. Tina has 2 grown children, a son and daughter.

Althea, Veterinary Assistant: Althea began working at EAC in August of 2013 while still a student at Berry College. She graduated with a BS in Animal Science from Berry in May 2014 and finished the application to veterinary school in October. She hopes to specialize in zoological medicine or orthopedics after earning her DVM degree. Moving several times for school has prevented Althea from having many furry children of her own, and she currently has only one kitty, named Onyx. In her spare time Althea is an avid martial arts practitioner with experience in Karate, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, and MMA.

Caitlin: Receptionist  Caitlin: Receptionist: Caitlin is a graduate of Kennesaw State University with a BS in Biology. She plans to attend grad school to pursue a degree in Genetic Counseling. She began working at EAC in June 2009. She has a huge heart for animals and has both dogs and cats of her own.

Ava: Office cat/”The Boss”/Paper Weight  Ava: Office cat/”The Boss”/Paper Weight: Ava is an approximately 14 yr old domestic shorthair. Shortly after opening EAC, Ava was abandoned at our front door in a carrier, in rough shape and very obese. After unsuccessfully trying to locate her owner, she became part of the EAC family. She has since been on a diet and has lost 9 lbs! You can find her lounging in the reception chair or on the front counter. She is our little “Diva”!

Lily: Office cat #2/”The Bad One”  Lily: Office cat/”The Stealthy One”: Lilly is an approximately 7 yr old domestic medium hair. In the fall of 2009 Lilly was abandoned at our front door in a carrier with 6 newborn kittens and a prolapsed uterus. She was in very bad shape and needed emergency surgery. Sadly, after much effort, none of the kittens survived. Lilly has been here ever since. She is the playful but stealthy resident cat. Her favorite pastimes include opening and sleeping inside cabinets and reviewing slides under the microscope. ;-)

Dr. Spatz: Office cat/”The Bad Little Brother”/CAT scan Expert  Dr. Spatz: Office cat/”The Bad Little Brother”/CAT scan Expert: Dr. Spatz came to us in the spring of 2013. Dr. Baird’s son had found a litter of kittens. After finding homes for all of the other kittens, Dr. Spatz was the last one left. We obviously fell in love with him and decided that he could have a home here with us. He is Mr. Personality! He is extremely curious which sometimes gets him in to trouble. He is also VERY loving and affectionate. He loves to sleep and snuggle with Ava. Just like an annoying little brother, Dr. Spatz drives his big sisters crazy at times. He is definitely the comic relief of the clinic!


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