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Our Precious Princess Lily

On August 2, 2022, we had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to our sweet office cat Lily. In the fall of 2009 Lilly was abandoned at our front door in a carrier with 6 newborn kittens and a prolapsed uterus. She was in very bad shape and needed emergency surgery. Sadly, after much effort, none of the kittens survived. Lilly has been here ever since. She definitely thought of herself as a princess and made sure that none of us forgot who was really in charge. She was so loving and always a source of entertainment and comfort to not only the staff, but our clients as well. She was such a quirky cat. She LOVED peaches, the smell of bleach, opening and sleeping inside cabinets and looking at slides under the microscope. Her presence is missed by all of us but especially Dr. Spatz and Sir Eac, who seemed a little lost at first without Lily to keep them in line. Lily, we miss you so much but know that you are happy and healthy in Heaven with Ava. We are looking forward to the day when we will see you both again.


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